400 Milliliters

    montana GOLD 400ML

    High covering nc-Acrylic-based spray paint

    High-covering and quick-drying nitro-acrylic lacquer that can be applied on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass or

    even flexible surfaces with no cracking or color bleaching. GOLD spray paint is famous for its superior quality. Highly

    reliable, it provides artists and hobbyists alike with the perfect tool for creative work. High accuracy is ensured through

    Montana Gold’s exclusively developed low pressure system. In combination with the variety of Montana level caps

    available, artists will experience a new era of spray painting possibilities. Soft handling allows the finest details and the

    smoothest application. From very thin to super wide lines, Montana Gold makes it all possible! With over 214 possibilities,

    Montana GOLD offers one of the largest and most concise color range available in spray paint.


    Highest standards for

    the best quali ty

    The lacquer of the Montana GOLD consists of solventbased

    nitro-acrylic mixture. Only the finest ingredients and

    best pigments have been used for the development and

    production of the Montana GOLD, assuring the highest

    standard of quality. It can be combined with other acrylic

    lacquers as well as with the lacquer of the majority of other

    spray cans brands. Montana GOLD can also be applied

    with traditional brushes (or air brush). Spray Montana

    GOLD lacquer into a small cup and apply the paint with

    traditional brushes when working on details or on smaller

    areas. Brushes or other tools can be cleaned easily with

    Montana Acetone spray.


    Low pressure & Handling

    The low pressure system allows perfect handling. The

    level‘s of control that are able to be achieved with this

    can have never existed before. The Montana Level caps

    were precisely developed to the new low pressure system

    allowing the most even and clean lines with the highest

    efficiency and accuracy. Spray widths from 0,4cm up

    to 25cm can be achieved depending on users skill and

    experience. For perfect results we recommend the cap

    system in combination with the Montana GOLD.


    Montana Level Cap Sy stem

    The Montana Level caps were precisely developed

    for the low pressure system allowing the most even

    and clean lines with the highest efficiency and accuracy.

    Spray widths from 0.4cm up to 25cm can be

    achieved depending on the users skill and experience.

    Now with the new refined Level 1 Cap - cleaner

    and thinner than before! Level 1 to Level 6 are easily

    recognizable by cap color and shape - from thin to fat

    - light to dark!


    Use for mixed media techniques

    Montana GOLD spray paint is compatible for mixed media

    use with the Montana ACRYLIC paint. Colors carrying the

    same name will color match to the Montana ACRYLIC

    colors once sealed with the Montana VARNISH Gloss. When

    combined with Montana GOLD we recommend to apply

    ACRYLIC paint with a brush or air brush for best results.

    Due to a different base between ACRYLIC paint and GOLD

    spray paint, for best color matching results apply a coat of

    Montana Varnish Gloss spray or ACRYLIC Varnish Gloss

    for one even finish.



    The Montana GOLD color system has been carefully developed and optimized by Montana‘s laboratory experts in conjunction with artists in

    order to create a perfect color range. This color table will comparably satisfy artists and designers needs by providing a stunning, flowing color

    system. Explore Montana GOLD‘s color system with the Montana Colorfinder online:


    montana GOLD ColorS

    Information on Montana gold‘s special ranges

    NEW TRANSPARENT color shades

    The Montana Gold range now has 15 new transparent color

    shades to compliment the existing Transparent Black and

    Transparent White. The new shades enable users to achieve

    greater visual depth and tonal variation. Also perfect in

    combination with colors close to the transparent

    tone, to achieve simple or complex gradient

    shifts and give dimension. Apply thinly or in

    multiple layers for perfect fading or shadows.

    Find out more about Montana GOLD‘s color

    system on WWW.MONTANA-CANS.COM



    Inspired by the CMY color properties used in the printing industry, the CMY shades are powerful colors bound to draw attention.



    Famous for being able to glow under UV light. For best results we recommend fluorescent colors to be applied to pre-primed, dry white surfaces

    (e.g. Shock White) to increase luminosity and improve coverage. Applying Montana VARNISH will offer greater UV protection however may hinder

    the fluorescent effect slightly. In general fluorescent colors are less lightfast and not resistant to the elements.



    Chrome effects are achieved by having metallic pigment particles located on the surface. This is achieved by the lacquer remaining “open“ so

    that light can shine and reflect off these particles. However this results in chrome effect shades being less weather resistant and not abrasion

    proof. Finger marks may occur if handling chrome effect sprayed items. Applying Montana VARNISH will offer greater protection and seal the

    painted surfaces, however they make the paint appear less shiny and prevent it from reflecting light as efficiently.



    The Montana GOLD Shock range was developed as a mini Montana GOLD assortment with the only the most high covering colors within

    these color scales chosen. This system was also introduced as the water-based ACRYLIC Ink Markers and Refills, making it possible to use the

    strong, opaque colors in more mediums.



    Back in the days before manufacturers created high opacity spray paint for the specific use of graffiti art or Urban art, there were a few “classic“

    colors that were the preference of many street based artists. Normally chosen for their opacity or color impact, the Montana GOLD line has

    adopted a special place within the color range for these historical colors.


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